Investment Approach

To meet each of our client’s diverse needs, every investment portfolio is uniquely structured. Although each portfolio is different, we maintain a consistent set of strategies that allows us to advantageously position your capital in the equity and debt market.

We believe in investing in growing businesses that are well managed, pay a significant dividend, and are trading at or below their true value. Sound management, strong earnings, healthy cash flow and low debt are some of the factors that attract us to these investment opportunities.

We actively seek investments from across the five market sectors which include: Basic Materials, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, and Technology. Although we will have a short-term selection bias towards opportunities available in undervalued sectors, our management style can be described as market sector neutral.

We invest in small and large companies alike. Although we have a preference for smaller companies with greater growth potential, our management style can be described as market capitalization neutral.

We seek to outperform the market through active investment selection and advanced money management techniques. Our in-house proprietary research gives us an unparalleled view of value. Our disciplined money management system designed to more efficiently take profits, reinvest capital, and sell unproductive investments.

We seek investment that lower the impact associated with inflation and US dollar depreciation. Significant exposure to International securities and inflation resistant industries help protect the portfolio from economic changes in the market.

We seek to select investments that can easily be converted into cash. Widely traded direct investments allow our clients to maintain maximum portfolio flexibility. Whether you need your capital months or just minutes from now, smart investment selections maximize your flexibility.

As your manager, we are committed to you and putting your interests first. We seek to minimize the costs of investing by carefully considering the impact of brokerage transaction costs, banking custodial fees, and government tax considerations specific to you.


Investment Philosophy

We seek to help the investor establish a diversified portfolio of individual stocks and bonds representing true strength and value, in anticipation of continued growth, and eventual market revaluation, while earning significant dividend income.

Investment Objective
We seek to produce consistent above market returns at below market risk while producing dividend income and preserving wealth over the long term. With dividend income reinvestment, we help the investor create wealth over time.

Investment Style
Our investment approach can be classified as an actively managed, long-term, buy-and-hold, dividend growth strategy. The Strategy selects investments based on a seven year investment horizon. Annual position turnover averages less than 15% which makes the Strategy truly efficient, especially in the areas of tax and transaction costs.

Method of Analysis
We use fundamental analysis to determine when to buy, sell, and hold, a security. We utilize our proprietary"in-house" dynamic algorithms to build and maintain portfolios of securities that are strong, steadily growing, carefully managed, and reasonably priced.

Asset Allocation
We allocate portfolio capital across the securities markets both domestic and international. International exposure often represents more than fifteen percent of the Strategy’s portfolio positions.

Portfolio Diversification
We allocate portfolio capital by business sector and investment cycle stage. The Strategy selects securities representing at least five of the seven business sectors. The Strategy selects securities from at least three of the four stages of the investment cycle.

Risk Characteristics
We seek to develop and maintain portfolios that have below market risk. We select an investment mix that is less risky than the market on average. Somewhat more risk can be taken with more diversified portfolios for improved upside and robustness. Additional risk is acquired through weighting small & micro capitalization, recovery, inflation hedge, and out-of-favor sector securities.

Return Characteristics
We seeks to outperform the index's expected risk adjusted return by a significant margin. The Strategy seeks to surpass the index's performance by 30% through manager value added. If one was expecting a risk adjusted portfolio return of 10%, the Strategy would seek to produce a 13% return through meticulous positioning, monitoring, and investment selection.


This Table Summarizes the Characteristic Management Style.


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