Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does SunSage Capital hold my cash and investment securities?
No. Your assets are held by your broker, Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Investments is one of the largest and most respected US discount brokerage firms.

Question: Can I see what is happening in my account over the internet?
Yes. You can log onto anytime and see your portfolio in action. In addition to the internet, you will receive monthly brokerage statements from Fidelity by mail and quarterly statements from SunSage by e-mail.

Question: How can I spend cash from my portfolio?
Among other options, Fidelity offers you check writing, debit cards, and the ability to electronically transfer cash to your favorite local bank.

Question: How much can I take from my portfolio?
In an emergency, your entire portfolio can be converted into cash in just days. If its income you are seeking, you may want to limit your spending to six percent or less of your portfolio's value on an annual basis. Most spend under four percent to increase the probability of continued portfolio and income growth.

Question: How do I pay SunSage Capital's portfolio management fee?
Our management fee is deducted directly from your account on a quarterly basis.

Question: Is it expensive to use Fidelity Investments as a broker?
No. Because we trade infrequently, the number of transactions are minimized. Fidelity's transaction costs are based on account size. Accounts over one million pay $8 per trade with those under paying $18 per trade.

Question: How much must we invest to have SunSage manage our portfolio?
We would enjoy serving you regardless of your account size. As an accredited investor, you decide the amount of capital you wish to have invested.

Question: Is it expensive to use SunSage as my portfolio manager?
No. SunSage is less costly than most mutual funds* and provides you with tailored portfolio management based on your needs. Because we do not believe in investment products (mutual funds, annuities, ect...) there are no additional 'hidden' costs. You will benefit from directly owning a portfolio of fundamentally solid individual stocks, bonds, and other hybrid instruments at minimal cost.

* Forbes 2004

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