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SunSage provides equity and fixed income portfolio management services to businesses, foundations, charitable organizations, and individuals. Founded in 2001, SunSage has provided superior services through its independent dividend growth stock research and disciplined strategy implementation.

Clayton Kohl
Equities Strategist
Clayton Kohl earned his Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering degree from Baylor University and then obtained a Master of Science in Investment Management from City University of London. After holding a lectureship at London’s Cass School of Business, he returned to the United States and served for five years as a lecturer in finance at Texas Christian University's (TCU's) Neeley School of Business. In 2001, Clayton Kohl founded SunSage Capital that provides portfolio management services to businesses, foundations, nonprofits, and individuals. Clayton resides in St. Croix, USVI and spends part of the year in Dallas, Texas.

Barbara Kohl
Client Service Manager
  Barbara Kohl studied special education and media relations at Texas A & M and at Oral Roberts Universities, respectively. At Oral Roberts she was a sports marketing liaison for the athletic department. After marrying Clayton Kohl, she assumed a similar marketing position with SunSage, where she helps communicate with current and perspective investment management clients. Barbara and Clayton have five children: Atlee, Dawson, Lola, Beau, and Knox. Barbara resides in Dallas, Texas and spends part of the year in St. Croix, USVI.

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